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'Survivor' quickly forgives food thief

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monty Brinton/CBS

The newly merged Libertad tribe enjoys a bunch of tasty food -- but not for long.

Whatever happened to "outwit, outplay and outlast"? On the latest episode of "Survivor," the contestants didn't even try to do any outwitting -- again.

The two tribes merged pretty early in the show to form Libertad, meaning "freedom," a name Marty chose. He pointed out that the merge meant "freedom from everything that's happened up to this point. It's a new start!" True, but a new start doesn't necessarily mean a new way of thinking, because a target remained squarely on his back.

But he should thank NaOnka for taking some of the heat off of him. When the tribes merged, a chest was opened to reveal a frying pan, a bowl, flour and plenty of food. (Cookies! Fruit! Candy! Rum!) The next morning, NaOnka made tortillas for the whole tribe, but quickly got angry. "The fact that I made everything and I get the smallest tortilla?!" Girl was mad!

When NaOnka thought no one was looking (Holly was!), she stuck the flour in her bag, went off into the forest and buried it. "I'm hiding the flour because everybody was stingy. ... They made me so mad, so I'm gonna make them mad. Don't play withme. I can play dirty." And that she did. NaOnka went on to steal the frying pan and fruit.

When the tribe realized the food was missing, Holly quickly called out the food thief. NaOnka denied denied denied, and even got into a huge fight with Fabio over why she even put the flour in her bag, after she insisted she returned the flour.

But Alina, whom NaOnka had shared the spoils with earlier, convinced her to come clean. So NaOnka apologized and told the tribe that her reason for taking the food was to measure it out because people were chowing down too fast. "I did not do it with intentions to starve you guys," she insisted.

"Stealing food, of all things!" Marty told the cameras. "Having done what she did would mean she's gone. She lied and stole!"

Ahh, if only things were so simple on "Survivor."

After the immunity challenge, which Fabio and Jane won, the game was on. Alina, knowing that people were out to get her, smartly gunned for Marty with Jane. It seemed like Alina finally got the numbers together to take out a huge threat in Marty, but nope. Sash had to come in and yap about keeping his word to Marty and waiting until the next Tribal Council to vote him out.

"I think the windows of opportunity for big moves sometimes shut quickly, and you have to seize those opportunities," Marty said in Tribal Council.

Yes, Marty, you do! And if the "Survivor" contestants had any doubt about that, Marty's words should've convinced them. But of course, we're talking about possibly the dumbest group ever to play the game. Sure, he lost this week's immunity challenge, but there's no guarantee he won't win it next week. Everyone already knows he's playing to last to the end and could possibly win, so why keep him around? Hey, Sash. Honoring your word in the real world is great, but in "Survivor" outwitting, outplaying and outlasting sometimes means going back on your word. It's all part of the strategy.

But it's been three weeks in a row that the contestants have had the opportunity to get rid of Marty, and again, they kept him around so that he can get one step closer to the million dollars. Instead, they voted out Alina.

As she said, "The fact that they kept Marty is going to bite them in the butt."



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